Dimitrov: Nimetz brought “ideas that are not so bad, but also ideas that are not so good”


The mediator in the name talks between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz, said today at a press conference after the meeting with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, that he is more optimistic than ever before to resolve the name dispute.

“As for the issue of the identity of the people living here, besides everything we heard from the Greek side regarding denying the national identity, I am convinced that a solution is possible, and is completely in line with the preservation and even the strengthening of the national identity. I am very optimistic, even though there are differences between the two countries, a possible solution is possible, and from Athens I have heard nothing that challenges the identity of the country”, said Nimetz.

Minister Dimitrov said that we can not remain forever in the trenches of history and that it’s time for a solution, but although the Macedonian side has a strong will, you will need to see what Greece thinks.

“No one, not even our Greek neighbors, can stop our right, or the right of my fellow citizens to be Macedonians and to speak the Macedonian language, that is from the group of the Slavic languages. In order for a solution, this process is very important and helps mediator Nimetz, but it is also very important that we act in the public’s interest. The more we talk about the red lines in public, there is less chance of finding a solution that will be accepted by citizens from both sides. There is strong will on our side and I hope that the other side has the will to decide. At the same time, I want to send a message to those citizens who do want a solution, that if there is a dignified way that respects the identity on both sides, then we will find a way through this process. It may not seem that way, but it is our job to do everything we can”, said Dimitrov.

Regarding the proposals that Nimetz brought to both Athens and Skopje, Dimitrov did not want to speak in greater detail and said that “there are solutions that are not so good”.

“Today we discussed in great detail and very seriously and I told the mediator Nimitz that in the package of proposals there are ideas that are not so bad, but also ideas that are not so good. I hope that the mediator will tell us what the next steps will be, based on what he discussed in Greece and what he will get here will define the process”, added Dimitrov.

While answering a journalist question, mediator Nimetz emphasized that he is more optimistic than ever before during the negotiation process, but stressed that he is only a mediator, and the decisions will remain on both sides.

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