For future talks on resolving the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece under the auspices of the United Nations (UN), instead of the current negotiators, the foreign ministers of Macedonia and Greece will be head of the negotiating teams. This was agreed upon between the mediator in the negotiations, Matthew Nimetz , and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at their meeting today, the Government reported.

At today’s meeting in the prime minister’s office, Nimetz outlined his ideas, while Zaev presented ideas and views from the government and the political leadership from a coordinated meeting on Saturday in the MP’s Clubhouse. During the discussions it was also emphasized that a positive moment was created in the latest phase of the negotiations, and that the two countries have shown that they are committed to building further confidence measures.

Prime Minister Zaev and mediator Nimetz at the meeting agreed that an atmosphere of good will and dialogue in the process should continue, as it is the only way to reach a compromise and come to mutual and acceptable solution that respects the national identity and dignity of the two peoples.