The Government will communicate with the citizens through the social networks and the public broadcasting service (MRT), and it has no intentions whatsoever to spend budget money. This is the response provided by the government’s spokesperson Mile Boshnjakovski to a question from Meta asking whether the government will be paying for advertisements when communicating with the public through the public broadcasting service (MRTV) and whether it plans on paying for production of commercial or posts that would appear as sponsored on Facebook and Twitter and other social networks.

Lately, even prior an official press release on the decision from the Government’s sessions is published, Boshnjakovski, using the Twitter video feature, announces some of the major decisions made in a session, and says that the process of answering citizens’ questions asked on social networks will start soon.

“The Government’s PR sector future plans are to enhance the two-way communications with the citizens through social media, by intensifying the answering of messages or comments, posing questions to the citizens, opening discussions and conducting online surveys as a tool for initiating citizen inclusion in the Government’s policy-making process. In order to communicate with the citizens using the public broadcasting service (MRTV), the Government will not spend budget money,” the government’s spokesman says.

According to Boshnjakovski, the Government’s PR staff “is working hard to create new procedures, protocols and rulebooks on communications through the new media that did not existed before.”

In the meantime they communicate via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and they publish photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube.

“We plan to open new communications channels on social media in the future,” Boshnjakovski clarifies.