Court tells Xhaferi, Parliament will be responsible if Veljanoski flees the country


Parliament will be held responsible if suspects Trajko Veljanoski and Ljupco Dimovski eventually flee the country after their parliamentary immunity was not confiscated, said the Criminal Court to Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, who tried to put the blame on the court for the possible escape of the two men.

“We have just witnessed for the first time, Parliament, who are responsible for the decision to grant immunity in the legally determined deadline, did not make the decisions, and thus prevented the Court from deciding on the detention of the MPs. Therefore, the statement that the Court will be responsible for prolonging the procedure is unacceptable, as the Court can not arbitrarily and contrary to the Law determine any security measures unless the conditions are created for it,” the court said in a statement.

They added that if the prosecution submits a new proposal because of new or a change of circumstances, the Court will immediately address Parliament and if a decision by Parliament is received within the time-frame, it will act immediately.

Answering the question on whether Parliament will be responsible if Veljanoski flees the country, Xhaferi told journalists at the briefing that according to the law, the responsibility for such an issue is the Courts and they should secure the individuals in the procedure.

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