Xhaferi: I was not protecting Veljanoski, but the integrity of Parliament


The legal part was not fulfilled to the end, since the Commission for the Rules of Procedure and Mandate-Immunity Issues did not have a draft decision. I call upon the law, said Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, at a press briefing regarding why he had not initiated a vote on stripping MP Trajko Veljanoski of his immunity. The MP is charged with organizing the incursion in Parliament on April 27, 2017.

“It was my duty to convene a session, because the President of the Commission submitted a report. It is not my responsibility to assess what is in the report and whether the voting in the Commission was fair,” said Xhaferi, telling the court yesterday that conditions for stripping Veljanoski of his immunity had not been created.

The session, according to the parliament speaker, was interrupted due to the behavior of some of the MPs. He pointed out that MPs can not lead him, but it is he who leads them.

On the statement by the journalists that the parliamentary speaker protected Veljanoski, he says that he does not impose feelings in his work, even if there are many reasons for it, but he is obliged to protect the integrity of the institution.

Asked whether the Parliament would be responsible if Veljanoski fled the country, Xhaferi said that according to the laws, the responsibility for such a thing is with the Court, which should be provided by the persons in the procedure.

The parliamentary speaker says that in the case of deprivation of the immunity of MP Ljupco Dimovski, the majority that was supposed to secure 61 votes “for” did not have enough MPs although there was a quorum for holding the session.

“I am authorized to provide a quorum for the session, but I represent the majority and take care of his interests,” Xhaferi added.

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