The horror of local railway stations: ruined, cold, dark and unequipped


Unheated, empty, unlit and with a damaged interior – this is the condition of most of the railroad stations in Macedonia. The stations that are located along the railroad lines Veles – Kochani and Skopje – Kichevo are especially ruined including the stations located in smaller rural areas. The citizens of Kichevo, Gostivar, Tetovo, Shtip, Kochani and Kumanovo are traveling every day from stations that are in a state of ruin.

With assets provided by the European Union, 11 stations were completely renovated in the past few years along the Corridors 10 and 10d including the railway station in Skopje. Still, the data provided by the State Statistics Office show that with this effort only one-ninth of the total number of railway stations were renovated in this country.

Железничка станица Рајко Жинзифов-1
Entrance in the waiting room of the railway station Rajko Zinzifov along the railway line between Skopje and Veles.

The statistics show that the passenger railway traffic in 2017 was done at 95 stations. The Ministry of Transport and Communications state that the objects planned for reconstruction could be those located along the railway line between Skopje – Kichevo.

At the moment, there is a feasibility study underway for the improvement of the condition of the railroad in Corridor 8. This document will be finished by the third quartal this year, and it is prepared with an approved grant – assets provided by the Western Balkans Investment Framework.

The results of this analysis will show which activities will have to be conducted along this railroad line regarding infrastructure” informs the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

The City of Skopje also announced that in the forthcoming period an effort will be made to revitalize the railroad stations on the territory of the capital and that will allow the citizens easier access to trains as transportation means.

The city authorities would be building new gates for bicycles including new bicycle roads that would lead to these railway stations. Still, at this moment there aren’t any strict deadlines for renewal of these buildings.

By the end of May 2018 the completely reconstructed railway stations were promoted from funding provided by the EU. The railway station in Skopje was reconstructed with 2.6 million euros provided through the IPA program, and with additional 2.5 million euros several Macedonian railways’ buildings were also reconstructed in Bitola, Gevgelija, Demir Kapija, Gradsko, Veles, Chashka, Prilep, Negotino, Tabanovce and Bogomila.

Реконструирана железничка станица во Демир Капија (1)
Една од реконструираните железнички станици – Демир Капија

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