Court orders a 30 day detention and Katica Janeva was taken to the prison in Shutka


The Criminal Court in Skopje ordered a 30-day detention for the special public prosecutor Katica Janeva. That was upon the request of the Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption for the Racket case and it was requested due to suspicions of abuse of official position and authority in order to obtain personal benefits“.

Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska said that at the moment they thought it was necessary for Katica to be taken into detention.

Last night she was escorted at the penitentiary in Shuto Orizari and on request of her lawyer she will attend her mother’s funeral in Gevgelija this morning.

The Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva was arrested due to a warrant issued by Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption confirmed the state Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski.

During today’s press conference, Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska confirmed that the arrested Janeva was first taken to SPO’s offices where her computer was seized.

The State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski stressed that there are no indications that the illegally obtained assets have ended in the pockets of either domestic or foreign politicians.

The Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption is charging Janeva that she has obtained material goods in the amount of 298.000 denars i.e. furniture.

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