North Macedonia near the bottom of the lists in Europe by internet access to public administration


Last year, every fifth citizen of North Macedonia accessed public administration through internet.  While one out of twenty filled online official forms, show data from EUROSTAT the statistical office of the European Union (EU).

In comparison, on average, in the European union every second citizen has access to information or services from state organs and public enterprises through the internet, and every third person submitted a completed service form from the state over the internet.

Macedonia is last in the use of internet for access to information or services from the state administration, shows data of EUROSTAT. Compared to the European average, Macedonian citizens two and a half times use less internet to receive information from the state organs. Europeans, six times more often, through internet submit filled forms to the state administration.

Data of EUROSTAT for “citizens who used internet for interaction with public authorities”, concern the use of internet by citizens 16 to 74 years old for personal, private needs asked for information from the web site of state organs, requested official forms or submitted completed forms online.

At the bottom of the list from EUROSTAT, besides Macedonia are Romania where citizens access the website of the public services five times less, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with four and a half times less access to pages, and four times less forms, compared to the European average.

Less than the European average through state authorities in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia are reached through the internet, but their average is better than the Macedonian one.

Speaking of internet communication with public services, contrary to the Balkan situation, citizens of the Scandinavian countries are massively using online access to public information and services. More than 90 percent of the citizens of Denmark, Iceland and Norway through internet come to information from the public services and electronic filing and application forms are the practice of about 80% of the population of Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, shows data from the EUROSTAT chart.

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