Black Desert Online – from ultra violent combat to playing without any violence


Black Desert Online Remastered is one of the graphically most stunning games on the market, which you can try out with the 7 day free trial or buy it directly from Steam for only €10. The combat in Black Desert is so well made that none of the MMO’s doesn’t come close in that direction. Whichever class you pick, from ninja, warrior, berserker, assassin, wizard, witch and many others, you will be able to nuke whole groups of enemies with combos and special skills.

You can see the quality of the game at the very beginning, because it has the best character creation in any MMO with the utmost details that you can change, from hairdos to eye color, to body build and many other options; there are even different types of eyebrows that you can fix the angles on. Every character looks differently according to their classes, there are even previous templates made by the community of the game that you can use while creating a character. For now the Sage class is a favorite, besides the newest class Corsair that is a girl pirate that turns into a mermaid and controls water magic. Still the Sage does more damage.

You can play the game totally without violence through the so called Life Skilling that can be fishing, sailing with little and bigger boats and trading, gathering plants that you use for alchemy after for different purposes, training horses for riding, mining, cutting down trees and hunting-only the last two activities remind of something violent. Likewise through these activities you can level up that strengthens your character entirely.

One of the more interesting activities that everyone learns first is training your horse for riding. Likewise you can ride donkeys, camels and elephants. You can tame horses in the wild-which is a process that needs a real know-how, usually the players buy more expensive horses from the start with a higher tier 7 or 8 and they dedicate a lot of time to train them. While you train your horse u use the skills that aren’t leveled and there are quick time events on which you press marked buttons and if you fail the horse will tumble down in the mist of running, but it straightens up right away. For the horse not to spend its stamina you need to replenish it with food, carrots are the favorite food of the horses in the game. While the tier 8 horses can be bought from the horse market in the game for  7-10 million silver, The Dream horses, the best horses in the game, cost 9 billion(without exaggeration) do 12 billion silver. The Dream horses are a Pegasus (who can glide from up high with wings) the unicorn (that has the best run speed) and hellish Doom horses surrounded in flames that have combat skills and can carry two players with the skill Two Seater. The same skill can be had on tier 8 horse, which is an especially useful skill when you’re boosting another’s player level.

Because the entire game is based on a lot of grind especially if you don’t play Life Skilling but you are more interested in the combat, if you’re boosting another player that has recently started a new character you need to take him or her to a farm spot that is far away from the main cities like for example the Naga Temple, where you will grind for him or her because the experience is shared in a group, he or her will follow you and level up from your kills. If you don’t have a Two Seater you’ll have to wait for the beginner to ride to the location on a slower horse, because you would arrive there first. Usually the characters are being boosted to level 56 and afterwards they level solo because at that level the leveling is very slow.At level 56 there is the Oasis event where you can take complete gear armor and weapons and to level solo after. The Oasis event is lasting for a long time but it can be removed from the game at any time. The level cap is lvl 60 although there are rare people that level to 61 and beyond because there isn’t a level limitation. the higher level you are it becomes much harder to get to the next level.

There is also AFK leveling where your character uses books to level at a kung fu dummy for hitting, you can minimize the game not to spend a lot of resources from the computer, but still although that helps its much slower than actual grind. There are quests as well in the game that give experience and energy levels in the game but some quests ask for pre-requisite a threshold  of energy to be able to start them, still there are alot of bugged quests because of which you cant continue so most people ask for boosts and then they grind. All the quests for Awakening and Succession are fun on all the classes and have unique stories. With Awakening you get a new type of weapon and skills and for several classes it is better not to do the Succession but to stay in Awakening and play.

Because there is no direct trading in the game and the main valuate is silver you can earn it in different ways, most common way is to grind bosses across the map and selling the loot at the Central Market in the game. If you don’t have a good enough computer you can play the game with Cloud Gaming trough GeForce Now. Explore, try out the game because it’s really worth trying it out.    

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