The administration of US President Barack Obama admitted that they made a mistake by not sending US representative with a higher rank than their ambassador in France on the march in Paris, reports CNN.

– I think that Obama himself would like to attend the march if the circumstances were different. The plan for organization of the march began on Friday evening, 36 hours before the march and the security services didn’t have enough time to secure the location in order for the President to be able to attend – said Josh Earnest, spokesman for the White House.

He added that Obama’s presence would also mean additional restrictions on people who were on the march.

CNN reported that US still had more options on who to send to the march. President Obama on Sunday was in the White House and there were no public appearances on his agenda. Vice President Joe Biden spent the weekend at home in Delaware, also with empty agenda. During the march in Paris, Attorney General Eric Holder was present at several security meetings, but didn’t attend the march.

Last week, Obama visited the French Embassy in Washington, where he signed the condolence book, and Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive in Paris on Friday.