In the interest of the predictability of the business climate that the companies seek in order to function normally, the President of the Economic Chamber, Branko Azeski asked the question, how long are we going to be implementing the enactments from the Przino agreement about a technical government?

“We have a very unnatural situation, on three months before the elections we are going to be electing some sort of special governments with additional deputies, a new prime minister and all of that is far removed from reality and normal functioning.
If what we have already seen repeats again, after New Year the additional deputy ministers will be having press conferences against the ministers and these will have to reply to them. We will have a non-functioning technical prime minister. If the situation is like before the Przino agreement then someone has to tell how long it’s going to stay this way and if not, let’s enter into normal models of electoral functioning. We were told that this will be until we enter the EU but that is not a clear answer. The business likes predictability. Let stray from early elections, special government, extraordinary situations because we are sending a bad signal” said Azeski.

According to him, the companies are in good shape to deliver what is planned for next year and to enter a new cycle. It is important, as he said, for the political elites to organize normal elections and to send a message of stability.

Since the Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Kosho Angjusev is part of the Economic Chamber, and he announced his withdrawal, Azeski said that in 2016 they have accepted the Prime MInister’s requests and have proposed a man to be a part of a political government and not technical.