Anevski: Janeva is Not Authorized to Investigate the “Sopot” Case Because It Happened Before 2008


The “Sopot” case that was requested by the Special Prosecutor’s Office dates back to 2008, which means that the SPO is not authorized to process it, said Petar Anevski to“Alsat TV” and who is in charge of the “Sopot” case.

“We are responsible for marking the legal moves that the SPO is taking over. The case is our jurisdiction and it will be discussed at the next session. The incident happened 13 years ago and Janeva is not authorized for cases that have happened before 2008. We have requested additional information from SPO, but it’s been almost a month and we still haven’t received the requested information,” as was said by the Panel of Public Prosecutors.

SPO has said that regardless of the period when the incident has happened, the SPO is authorized to investigate the case.

“The Special Prosecutor’s Office is authorized to investigate the illegally wiretapped conversations made during the period between 2008 and 2015. Anything that will come out as a violation or a criminal act from these recordings SPO has the right and is authorized to investigate regardless of the time when the criminal act has occurred” as was announced by SPO

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