Ahmeti says Athens showed goodwill and are ready to compromise for a solution over the name dispute


The two main topics at the meeting in Athens at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and the Greek Foreign Minister was the name dispute and the relations between Greece and Macedonia.
Ahmeti, who was accompanied by Deputy Prime Ministers Fatmir Besimi and Musa Xhaferi and MP Artan Grubi noted that he noticed from the Greek side goodwill and willingness to resolve the name dispute, a stance which he plans to pass on to his coalition partners in Macedonia. Ahmeti said he hoped both sides will show good will to find a solution.

“I’m open to all opinions and thoughts transfer and the coalition partners. I saw the willingness and goodwill for Foreign Affairs of Greece to find a compromise solution. This goodwill will fetch in Skopje, hoping that both sides will have the same good will for a solution”, Ahmeti told reporters after the meeting.
When asked by “Kanal 5” whether they had discussed specific proposals for the name, Ahmeti stressed that the mere duration of the meeting which lasted approximately one hour and a half suggests that details regarding the topic were discussed. He stressed that they had discussed ideas and exchanged opinions on resolving the name dispute between the two countries.

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