The Greek Foreign Ministry tweeted: Ahmeti from DUI has met with Kotzias


Today in Athens, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti met with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias. The meeting began at 12:00 pm local time in the Greek Foreign Ministry, which was announced in a statement just an hour before the meeting began.

The Greek Foreign Ministry on its official Twitter account published a photograph and a small caption stating, “Foreign Minister Kotzias meets with the delegation of the Albanian Party from FYROM, President of the DUI party Mr Ahmeti, Mr Xhaferi and Mr. Besimi”.


The meeting was not attended by the Macedonian Ambassador to Athens, nor any other representatives from the Embassy.

The reason for the absence of Macedonian diplomats at the meeting in Athens is due to the fact that neither Ahmeti, Besimi or Xhaferi did not inform the Macedonian Foreign Ministry or the Liaison Office of Macedonia in Athens of their meeting or their visit to Athens.

As announced by the DUI leader, Kotzias and Ahmeti will exchange views and ideas on good neighbourly relations, outstanding issues between the two countries and the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia. Ahmeti will be accompanied by MP Artan Grubi, Deputy Prime Minister for the implementation of the Framework Agreement, Musa Xhaferi, and Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Fatmir Besimi.
The Foreign Ministry, however, yesterday told “Meta” that they did not give their support for the visit to Athens by officials from DUI.

A statement from DUI says this is not the first visit of their leader and government officials to Athens, nor is it the first meeting between Ali Ahmeti and the Greek Foreign Minister.

“At the meeting will, we will only discuss the name dispute and specific ideas. In the next period, while Macedonia has a transitional Government, is the best time to resolve the name dispute”, said a statement from DUI.

Greek sources have told “Meta”, that Ahmeti’s visit is of his own accord and initiative, and are part of his own efforts to maintain contacts with the International Community.


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