The Council of the Administrative Court accepted SDSM’S appeal and has annulled the votes from polling station number 2011 in Tearce, in Constituency 6.

The complaint and appeal made by SDSM is related to a certain polling station, where at the beginning of the vote, a ballot was reported and marked as missing, which was eventually found during the count in the ballot box together with the stack and the serial number, and the only thing which was missing was form number 15 among the confidential voting material.

Furthermore, the reasoning behind the State Election Commission’s verdict to reject the complaint is contrary to law, because, by dismissing the complaint and with the way members voted, was illegal. Eight members of the SEC voted, 4 were “for” and 4 were “against”, however, one member, Subhi Jakupi, excused himself from voting, which the council of the Administrative Court confirmed is contrary to the Electoral Code and the Rules and Regulations on the manner and procedure for resolving such complaints.

This afternoon, the Administrative Court announced their decisions on two more appeals made by SDSM, and after reviewing them, the court rejected the appeals as unfounded and confirmed the previous findings of the State Election Commission, who also rejected both complaints. These complaints from SDSM concern polling station 2025 in the municipality of Tearce and polling station 1978 in the municipality of Tetovo, both in Constituency 6.

The decisions of the Administrative Court are final and their verdict can not be appealed.