Civil society organizations launch campaign “We deserve better”


Civil Rights Activists and NGOs at noon today started the campaign “We deserve better.” At the stand, placed in front of Mother Teresa’s memorial house, the activists handed out leaflets that explained why the citizens should always ask for more. Activist Nikola Pisarev said that they believe in the capability of society and the minds of citizens. “We deserve better,” a civil action in which we, the citizens talk about our daily problems and our urgent need for a better life. With our actions we will fill the gap which was created between the activities of politicians, the Przhino Agreement and actual real requirements of daily life of citizens. We citizens have the right to loudly and publicly talk about politics, because our lives are everyday politics. Our voice is important every day, not just during the elections”, said Pisarev.

He added that the government should answer any and all questions for the needs of the citizens regardless of whether they support it or not.

“We deserve more than a piece of bread, an honest government, to vote without fear. We deserve hospitals will treat us, not infect us, we deserve decent schools for our children, clean air and these are the things you should ask for. Not to be reconciled with the fact that any worse and that could be worse. You have to ask what our citizens as follows – said Pisarev.

At the same time, this same action began in Stip. Activist Goran Trajkov announced that it will discuss with citizens about their real needs. In addition, they want to fill the gap created by the activities of politicians.

“Politicians have forgotten about the citizens and their problems, and the need to continually seek solutions for civil problems”, Traikov said.

The action will be based on field interviews, and direct communication with citizens, and will be conducted by more than 200 civil society activists from 70 civil society organizations in 30 major towns in Macedonia.

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