Ivanov: The secret archives of the Vatican will be opened to Macedonian researches


The Secrets Archives of the Vatican will be opened for Macedonian researchers, announced today the President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, after a 40-minute meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican where they agreed about the archives.

“Finally, the Vatican Secret Archives are open to our researchers. So, soon two of our researchers can come and explore everything that has never been available to us”, President Ivanov said after his meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican.

He informed that they discussed many issues of mutual interest, current news from our region, but in Europe and worldwide also.

“It has been an outstanding visit filled with many issues of mutual interest. With the Pope we talked about issues that are current to us, but also in Europe and the world, and his role in it today, especially when civilization is facing numerous challenges. He, as a person, seeks to deepen peace and spread the idea of what value is nurtured in Christianity and other religions” said Ivanov.

They discussed the current situation of migrants and refugees, and the manner in which so far he has responded to meet all these people. They also discussed the current matter of the name dispute, and the origin of the blockade for progress and unresolved issues.

“The Pope personally expressed interest about the name issue, the current situation in the country and the region He says that he monitors all events and is interested in where they can contribute”, stated President Ivanov.

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