Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who will temporarily take over the position as a Minister of Finance until a new minister is appointed, confirmed there will be a budget rebalance, but firstly the necessary analyses will have to be made in order to see where the changes will be necessary.

-I know that certain budget items will have to be changed. Most of it is due to the maximization of capital investments. We have billion and a half denars planned for gasification and if we don’t project enough additional assets, until October- December, we shall have no assets in order to accomplish the gasification. And we want to since the gasification is an important project in the country – said Zaev when asked during the opening of the Control Center for Pay Tolls and Roads at Petrovec.

When he takes over the position as a Minister of Finance, Zaev said that his intent is to delegate the authorization and to make all big decisions that will benefit the citizens.

He also said that the legal team will have to propose all mechanism for the timely taking over of this position.