Zaev: We have a stable advantage of three seats over VMRO-DPMNE


At around 2 a.m, SDSM’s President Zoran Zaev, held a press conference and announced that the “Mozheme” (We Can) coalition has a “convincing and stable advantage of more than three seats over VMRO-DPMNE”. He said there is a possibility for that difference to increase either by one or two seats more.

“The people’s will was confirmed. We are winning. The citizens have come out and voted for a safer future, for unity and solidarity, for economic patriotism, for order and justice,” said Zaev, further stressing that “the road ahead was confirmed and we said clear “No” to the danger.”

Even though VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader Hristijan Mickoski didn’t hold a press conference to comment on the election results, the party’s General Secretary Igor Janushev announced that the party will join the race to form a government.

The Democratic Union for Integration, also, declared a victory in the Albanian block, with at least 12 seats.

The State Election Commission, whose web page with the election results was cyber-attacked last night by hackers, the official announcement of the number of seats was announced for the next day. Out of processed 94% of the votes, as was said by SEC, the “We Can” coalition has won 36.13% of the votes, and VMRO-DPMNE and its Coalition for Renewal have wave 34.65 of the votes. These are followed by DUI with 11.57%, the Alliance of the Albanians and the coalition with 8.79%, Levica with 3.96%, DPA with 1.48%, and Integra with 1.33%.

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