Photo by CDC on Unsplash

As part of its fight against the disinformation and false news that easily cross the borders in the Balkans region and very soon appear in another country or in another language, is regularly transmitting the current topics from the kin services for fact-checking and fight against disinformation in the region i.e. starting from Bosnia in the north to Greece in the south.

The Greek service for fight against disinformation has checked the facts concerning an article in by Greek blogs and several websites, claiming that in August, mass vaccination against COVID-19 is expected to start. This claim spread very fast among Greek users on social networks. But it’s sheer false claim, informs the service.

The manipulative articles were related to the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom i.e. they claimed that mass vaccination will start in August and it will include Greek citizens.

The vaccine that is developed by this University initially named “ChAdOx1 nCoV-19“ and then “AZD1222“, has passed the third phase of clinical trials i.e. it was given to a larger number of adult volunteers. What is examined afterward is whether the vaccine can truly protect from coronavirus and the results from the larger group of people will be compared to the controlled group of volunteers that were previously vaccinated and whose results are known. This will provide important data about the vaccine’s safety and its efficiency. Only in the aftermath, it will be known whether the vaccine will be produced, in what quantities and when.

The Greek service, while investigating the circumstances reminds that Sarah Gilbert, an Oxford University professor, who works on vaccine developments since 1994, on the 17th of June, during a video conference, said that it is possible to produce 30 million vaccines by September, this year. Gilbert’s associate, professor Adrian Hill of the Jenner institute said that a vaccine can be expected in October this year.

According to these known facts, the claims that a mass vaccination may start in August are only manipulative, stressed