The opposition VMRO-DPMNE demands for early parliamentary elections before discussing NATO and EU membership deserves attention, if it guarantees a successful referendum process, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today at the ceremony for the construction by American factory “Dura” in Bunardzik.

“When? After a year? In any case, when the opposition demands elections, it is worth attention. I was part of the opposition a year ago and I know it’s worth sitting down and discussing, only if this guarantees a successful referendum process, as a process. Citizens will express themselves in the process itself, but only if the process succeeds in reaching the censuses to motivate citizens to come out for such a historical question. All options are open, even this one, so we will discuss it, all together”, Zaev said.

This week, he expects them to agree on a date, the type of referendum and the ballot question regarding the name. This will be organized by working groups of the parliamentary parties; however, if they do not succeed this week, he wants to call for a leadership meeting. Such a meeting can be called for by any party leader, explained Zaev.