Zaev: Gruevski and Mijalkov monitored and bugged NGOs for years


At today’s press conference, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev stated that Nikola Gruevski and Sasho Mijalkov monitored and bugged numerous NGOs for years. He said that among those tapped were: Infocenter, “Civil”, Institute “Open Society Macedonia”, “Ajde,” Forum-center, Macedonian Center for European Training, Metamorphosis Foundation.

– By monitoring the most sensitive sector, NGOs, Gruevski endanger fundamental human rights. Project “Truth about Macedonia” showed that there is no place which Gruevski didn’t bug. Gruevski and his officials held in power with the wiretapping scandal. That is how he eliminated everything that stood in his way. Also, he was planning his policies that way – stated Zaev.

Zaev handed out folders to representatives of NGOs who were tapped and said he would not publish calls from them because it would jeopardize human rights.

He announced that he will certainly travel to Brussels, but that’s not fully agreed because if what kind of government will lead the country until the elections is not negotiated, none of the previously agreed would not apply.

– For us, it is unacceptable the government to be led by Nikola Gruevski – said Zaev.

He also said he expected a statement from EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who will come up with conclusions on electoral weaknesses of OSCE/ODIHR.

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