We have operative information that some supporters of the terrorist group that was liquidated in Kumanovo have plans to kidnap officials of the Ministry of Interior and attacks on vital state institutions, for which we sent an instructive telegram to senior officials in the police to increase security measures, stated for Deputy Minister of Interior Ivo Kotevski for META.

– We have this operational information and, based on them, send the instructive telegram. We continue to check all information and prepare for all possible challenges. In this framework, we issued instructions for securing persons and facilities for whose safety the Ministry of Interior is responsible, for handling equipment and official vehicles and guidance on securing and patrolling the northern border – says Kotevski.

According to unofficial information, in the recent days, the units and departments of the Ministry of Interior were engaged and had activities with the police reserve units, in which the reservists were indicated to be ready to assume the responsibilities of regular officers in the cities if they are reassigned to duties elsewhere.

Kotevski didn’t provide a specific answer to the question of META whether these activities are part of the preventive measures for the received operational information about possible retaliatory actions, and neither confirmed nor denied this information.

– We cannot disclose any details regarding the measures – says Kotevski.