With an honorary guard and tolling of the bells of temple “Alexander Nevsky”, Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev revealed the monument of Tsar Samoil today in the center of Sofia.

– Sacred duty and historic responsibility of each nation to keep alive the memory of their ancestors. A glorious place in the pantheon of historical fame is reserved for Tsar Samoil – the ruler who managed to preserve the Bulgarian state in one of the toughest periods – said Patriarch Neophyte, who personally hallowed the monument, donated by Dr. Milen Radevski and his foundation “Bulgarian memory”.

 Tsar Samoil Sofia The monument, which is the work of sculptor Alexander Hajtov and is 6.2 meters high, recently sparked debate on social networks and forums in Bulgaria not only because of its location, but also because of the information that the eyes of Tsar Samoil will glow at night. Hajtov installed equipment that would illuminate the eyes of the monument in it, but, at the request of the City of Sofia, it will not be activated.

At the promotion of the monument, Bulgarian President said that the bones of Tsar Samoil should be returned to Sofia.

– We should try to return the bones of Tsar Samuel to his native country Bulgaria. Bulgaria should not rest until it happens and they are returned to the church “St. Sofia “- said Plevneliev.

Bulgarian media report that official Sofia, within the celebration of one millennium since the death of Tsar Samoil, has requested Athens to return his remains, which, as he says, are found in the Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture.