At the beginning of today’s press conference, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev published conversation between Sasho Mijalkov and an interlocutor in which celebration, shootings and the anthem of VMRO-DPMNE can be heard. It is heard how Mijalkov tells someone that he is in Dolno Lisiche and tells him that there is a lot of shooting, as if there is a war. He says it is a “VMRO thing” and sings the song “Biser Balkanski” along with his interlocutor over the phone.

– This is not the Wild West, this is Macedonia. This is the cousin of Nikola Gruevski. Kalashnikovs and shots are from the state authorities, in the hands of paramilitary structures of Sasho Mijalkov, working in the interest of Gruevski – emphasized Zaev.

In these recordings, according to Zaev, conversations that indicate how much the stability of Macedonia is actually disturbed are heard.

– We will reveal another truth. We have no right to hide the faces of those who are violent out of fiction, hate out of intolerance. You will hear how serious the situation in Macedonia is. You will hear about the unallowable scandals of para-police units and that it is not known who commands the police. Just as Gruevski had Urko, so Mijalkov had Utka, who was so well connected that even Jankuloska could not control him – said Zaev.

In the first conversation of the second block of recordings of wiretapped talks today unveiled by SDSM leader Zaev, Martin Protogjer tells Jankuloska that someone beat bouncers in a discotheque. Jankuloska asks if anyone knows about it. Protogjer tells her that “our” caught someone from “Wolves”, took him to the toilet of the disco and “beat him senseless”. In the second conversation, Protogjer tells the minister of another man, who was smuggling oil, so instead of three tons, he transported five tons.

Sasho Mijalkov talks to Jankuloska and asks her why she is obstructing the “man in Struga.” She tells him that Utka is causing chaos in Struga and OSCE called her to react. She tells him that he took out a weapon and started threatening. Mijalkov tells her to leave the matter alone and that he will command it. Jankuloska tells him that she does not want to have anything to do with Utka and that she doesn’t even pick up the phone for him.

Nikola Gruevski tells Mile Janakieski that he is eying a peace of some land across Bristol. Janakieski proposes another location. They talk about how many stories the building should be. Then they talk about the location opposite to the old railway station. Gruevski tells him to inquire whose voters live here for them to be able to act without losing part of their electorate. If they are “communists”, said Gruevski, the park should be seized and a building of a state institution should be built here.

Mijalkov asks Jankuloska about a man who was Ljube’s (Boshkovski). They talk about Aleksandar Panov and Jankuloska said that she will redeploy him somewhere. Mijalkov tells her to find the worst place in the whole ministry. Jankuloska explains that, if necessary, she will send him to work in Arachinovo.

Martin Protogjer and Jankuloska are talking about Latas. Protogjer threatened to kill him because he was “promoting Serbian agenda.”

Protogjer asks Jankuloska when Bozhinovski would come because he wanted to visit him in prison, but, if possible, the camera to be turned off for a while. Jankuloska tells him that he is crazy. Protogjer tells her to put him in a cell with a “Gypsy” who has homosexual tendencies.

Jankuloska tells Ivo Kotevski that “Kanal 5” didn’t do their job properly. She says that they should have focused on the girl in Gostivar more. Kotevski tells her that Caci was on duty and that it should be made to look pathetic. In his opinion, the television did not know how to do their job. He insists the school to be recorded and to take a statement from a psychologist. Jankuloska explained that it should have appeared as the girl was crying and could not say anything. Kotevski says that their voters are Macedonians and that they should behave that way. He tells the minister that it would be good if a journalist is beaten.

Jankuloska asks Mijalkov about systematization. Mijalkov tells her that the systematization is stopped in his department because DUI requested it. Jankuloska says that the situation with them should be resolved once and for all. He explains that whenever “Shqiptars” are asking for something from her, she refuses them.

Jankulovska is talking to Vlatko Ilievski and she tells him that she argued with the “Shqiptars”. She tells him they annoy her deeply. He tells her not to care about them and tells her that “kosovozation” of Macedonia is happening.

Protogjer and Jankuloska talk about that there is no coexistence with “Shqiptars”. Jankuloska tells him that it should be resolved once and for all. He tells her: “And what about starting a war with them?”