Today, three other parties – New alternative of Gjorgji Orovchanec, United pensioners and citizens of Macedonia of Ilija Nikolovski and the Party of economic change 21 – joined the opposition alliance. All of them signed the Declaration of the citizens of Macedonia and will join the protest on Sunday. This was stated by Goran Milevski, president of LDP, after the meeting of the leaders of the opposition alliance.

Liberal Party of Macedonia also gave its full support of the protest, and president Ivon Velichkovski requested time for the party organs to decide whether it will join the opposition alliance.

Milevski called for the protests to be peaceful and dignified. When asked, he said that there are pressures to citizens and bus carriers, and that a climate that protests would be violent is fueled for citizens not to attend. Milevski said it will fail and reminded all that the protest would occur without party symbols, only under the colors of Macedonia.