The Social Democratic Union will do everything to made sure the Przhino Agreement succeeds and not lose the recommendation from the European Union, said a statement today from the SDSM’s leader Zoran Zaev, before one of the debates of the “Vision of Macedonia”.

He said the SDSM remains fully committed to the agreement and the fulfillment of the obligations set out by it.

“We only have a few days to come to an agreement and to not lose the recommendation from the EU. The Government law is being the most delayed, and the power of the Ministers and Deputy Ministers. We are fully committed, collaborative and flexible”, said Zaev.

When answering a reporter’s question, he said he did not believe that it would be possible to postpone the elections, but he honestly expects the agreement to be fully implemented.

As for the calls for national defense and getting out on the of people who behind the barricade who are close to the Government, Zaev said it was just crazy ideas from individuals.