Zaev: It will be revealed who is the politician guilty for not reaching an agreement in Brussels


Today, after returning from Brussels, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said that it will be revealed which is the politician because of who an agreement was not reached yesterday.

– Who was to blame? If you ask foreigners, they will say that at this point, it was Zaev, in the next, Gruevski, afterwards it was Ahmeti, who, instead of helping, made things worse etc. Anyway, yesterday we were unable to agree in Brussels – said Zaev.

According to Zaev, currently it does not matter who is to blame for the fact that an agreement was not reached yesterday, but that it is important that a step forward was made.

– It is important that we made a good step forward. The good step gives hope for us to spend more time and energy to find a final solution. Hopefully, as it is from our side, we will find the willingness from the other participants as well. Our views are clear. Our views are explainable, we can easily explain them and tell why it should be so. At the end of the day, we do not say that we know everything. So, we sit at the table to try and find a solution that is best for the country – said Zaev.

SDSM leader believes that solution will be found if we all stay positive.

– I hope that “The citizens for Macedonia” will not be motivated to develop all democratic means at our disposal, because they are less desirable means than a solution that we can find at the negotiating table – Zaev said, declining to provide more details in order not to harm further negotiations.

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