In today’s action, teams of the department to combat organized and serious crime at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) raided a dozen buildings in Kumanovo village Vaksince and found a total of 128 immigrants, who were illegally staying in some of them, said Deputy Minister for public relations of MOI Ivo Kotevski at a press conference.

Most of the immigrants came from Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

Besides immigrants, in the action was also caught 68-year resident of village Vaksince, for whom there was an APB for serving a sentence for murder.

– The illegal immigrants were found in five of the ten structures that were of concern. According to previous findings, the owners of the buildings rented the premises at prices an average of 1,500 euros per month, depending on the structure or they themselves accommodated the illegal immigrants, charging them five to ten euros just to take refuge in the building, without a bed to be provided for the money they paid – said Kotevski.

According to MOI, from the interviews with immigrants, they stated that they all came to Vaksince in their own free will.

They entered the country from Greece and their goal was to reach some of the EU member states.