In the second block audio recordings which were announced by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev today at a press conference, in a mutual conversation, Emil Stojmenov and Martin Protogjer talk about survey published in “Dnevnik”. Protogjer asks Stojmenov not to take over the survey. Stojmenov, however, says he is not in Skopje and that he can call him at any time for him to be up to date.

In their next conversation, they talk about the lawsuit with Greece. Protogjer tells him that editor of “Kanal 5” Lidija Bogatinova asked him to the show of Denko Maleski. Stojmenov tells him that he will call the editor and it that he will remove the article from the program. Stojmenov asks whom to call, to what Protogjer said to be someone “normal”.

In their third conversation, Protogjer asks Stojmenov to take over the interview of “Netpress” with Magash and it to be the breaking news of the television.

In another recording of those released today at the headquarters of SDSM, Dragan Pavlovik-Latas and Sasho Mijalkov talk about some exclusive news. Mijalkov tells Latas where to put the camera because the convict will be taken out from the back door.

Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski talk about Milenko Nedelkovski and that he writes a lot of profanity. Jankuloska tells Stavreski that it is impertinent and unacceptable. Stavreski, however, explained to her that “he is a big crook” and that he belongs in prison.

Martin Protogjer insists to Latas to fully broadcast the interview of Prime Minister for MIA. Latas says that he will publish it in “Vecher”.

In another mutual conversation between them, published today within the project of SDSM “The truth about Macedonia,” Protogjer thanks Latas for a published text. He told him that he saw that some people around them are withdrawing, but also that Latas reacted properly.

Latas and interlocutor talk about an article that the editor of “Sitel” should do in exchange for concrete.

Latas and the interlocutor also talk about “Pucko petrol.” Interlocutor asks him not to “touch” it and Latas says that they can come, make an advertisement on television and that nothing else will no longer be published for them.

Emil Stojmenov and Martin Protogjer are talking about a bill and tax on 400,000 euros. Stojmenov says that they cannot pay it and that they took credit for the salaries of employees.

In their next conversation, Protogjer tells Gruevski that he attacked Goran Trajkovski because he didn’t reduce his tax debt. Protogjer told him that the Prime Minister ordered that problem to be solved.

Latas and Ivanov discuss how Gruevski reacted quickly and put his wife on a managerial board of GAMA, where she has a salary of 1,000 euros.

– I expect this policy in the media to change. This evil must come to an end. This evil must end – said Zaev at the end of the press conference.

He confirmed that today he met with former SDSM president Branko Crvenkovski in the party headquarters.

Zaev asked the leading figures of defense and security in Macedonia to bear responsibility for the event in Goshince.