“ I don’t even want to think about the Constitutional Court discontinuing the Special Public Prosecution or parts of the law, because any normal person knows that the people’s rage will spill out on to the streets,” said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev in an interview with “Kanal 77”. He added, that if the Constitutional Court “dare” take this step, they should do so before the dissolution of  Parliament.

 “Once Parliament has been dissolved, it can not come back”,said Zaev.

When asked, what if this was to happen and the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office was abolished by the Constitutional Court, Parliament has been dissolved, and it ceases to exist, Zaev was very clear and claimed that he would no longer sit at the negotiation table.

“There is one thing everyone should know, for me, to sit back down at the green table, and to negotiate for elections? That will not happen. Let the SDSM change their leader if need be, but I am no longer sitting at that table. I had the patience to the heavens, kept my nerve throughout this entire case”, said Zaev.

Regarding recent speculation that there is a possibility that elections will not be held on December 11, the SDSM leader said, while answering a question from the media, who first will give up from the election, Zaev said he feared that the leader of the VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski wants to run away from the elections and instead, he wants to hold them together with local elections, next year.

 “Who held a Congress with a program for elections? Who held another Congress? Let them take another step. Let them show us that they really want elections. I really am afraid, with all the information I have, that Gruevski will run away from elections and I’ll tell you the reasons. He wants elections to be held together with the local elections, to dilute the subject and not have any national issues, more talk about pavements for the street, the water supply, because in all these years he has been more of a Mayor than Prime Minister”, said Zaev.