Today, the “Student Plenum” organized their first student referendum, which was held on the 20 faculties of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”. The “Student Plenum” said that so far, voting has taken place in a peaceful, fair and democratic atmosphere and that surprisingly, there has been a large turnout.

 “Voting did not begin at the Veterinary, Agriculture and the Physical Education faculties because we did not have enough registered volunteers. At other faculties, already in the first hour, we had a large turnout, at the larger faculties, 50 to 100 students voted, while at the smaller faculties from 20 to 50 students voted. We expect an even greater turnout by 12:00 noon”, said Borjan Eftimov from the “Student Plenum”.

 At the end of the referendum, the plenum says they will have a joint meeting with all students and will decide on what actions to take next. They also expect support from the senators.

 “We hope that the senators will recognize the will of the students. It is now left to their moral responsibility whether they will stand behind the students or a non-governmental organization”, added Eftimov.

 By including the Student Parliament in organizing UKIM the plenum says they will achieve more control over the work of this body and will implement more safety mechanisms in terms of finance.

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