Duo Gruevski – Janakieski mined opponents


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev held a press conference on which he announced new audio recordings of wiretapped conversations.

– Cousins Gruevski and Mijalkov have control over all the institutions. It’s about saving Gruevski and therefore he begins to deceive the public. Empty phrases for some cloned vans, fake materials just to save himself. He put himself in function of a police spokesman and begged the public to close their eyes and ears to these crimes. Today we will publish new evidence which fully show the true face of Gruevski. Immediately after the 2011 elections and the destruction of “A1”, they begin action to overthrow the business of Fijat Canoski – said Zaev.

The first recording released by Zaev, according to him, is a conversation between the Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, in which Prime Minister says “to carry out the plan which he sent to him via SMS”.

In the second conversation, Gruevski suggests Janakieski to change the detailed urban plan for the area.

– There should be a park. Or half park and half to reduce the dimensions of the building – said Gruevski in the conversation.

In the third audio recording which was released, according to Zaev, Gruevski said to also change the master urban plan for that part of town.

In the following conversation, Gruevski tells Janakieski that an action should be implemented. Further in the conversations, Gruevski gives instructions when to demolish structure “Cosmos”, owned by Fijat Canoski.

– Get ready as if it is to be tomorrow, and it may occur on Monday, 1st of August, when it’s high holiday season – says Gruevski to Janakieski in the recorded conversation.

Furthermore, Zaev announced conversations between Gruevski and Janakieski after the demolition of Canoski’s building.

– There is a judge, she also called the municipality, I am afraid that she would give us a court order prohibiting the demolition – said Janakieski on the recording.

In the conversation, Gruevski suggests Janakieski to call “the highest”.

Furthermore, Prime Minister insists on more damage because he claims that the previous demolition was small.

– We will cut pillars in order not to make tenders. The problem is that the first two floors are concrete and it makes us a problem. We took the strongest trucks – said Janakieski.

In the last photo, Gruevski and Janakieski discuss the case “Cobweb”.

– The West insists to respect the law and if only Fijat, to demolish others as well. If it’s only Fijat, demolish the others as well. For the media they say that it is a regional problem, not only in our country. And we he tells us that, it’s good – said Gruevski.

Janakieski points out several structures around the country which can be demolished.

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