Zaev demanded a resignation because of the incident and the warden of Shutka penitentiary agreed


The warden of Shutka Penitentiary, Gjoko Kotevski will hearken Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s request for his resignation because of the incident that occurred yesterday, when the detained former ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristoski, were allegedly attacked and injured.

-The prime minister’s request is final and it will be carried out. I hope there will be enough space for me to finish the investigation and that all the flaws we noticed will show up and then the prime minister’s request will be carried out – said Kotevski.

Zaev has requested a resignation from Kotevski “because he didn’t do his work and has allowed incidents to occur one after another within the institution that he is managing.”

The Minister of Justice, Renata Deskoska said that she expectis the case to be investigated thoroughly and that the Ombudsman should also be included in the investigation.

-The penitentiaries should obey the rights and the freedoms of the persons in detention. Otherwise, the directors of these institutions should hand over their resignations – said Deskoska.

Regarding this case, the Delegation of the European Union also expressed its concern about the incident that occurred.

“The Delegation of the European Union is condemning any form of violence and is expressing its concern about the incident that occurred at the Shutka penitentiary. We are expecting an investigation to follow this incident and someone to bear the consequences”, says the statement.

Regarding yesterday’s case in Shutka, the media published information that Janakieski was badly injured and that his arm was broken and that Ristovski’s head was injured by a member of the so-called “Kumanovo terrorist group,” but the representatives from the GOB 8 Septemvri hospital refuted this information.

The City hospital “8 Septemvri” reports that the person M.J. was received after he complained about pains in the body and the head. After he was medically examined no injuries were noticed” said the hospital’s press release.

VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader, Hristijan Mickoski named the yesterday’s day as “a black day for the democracy” and requested responsibility. He tried to pay Janakieski a visit at the hospital, but he was prevented by the police guards.

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