Zaev concerned about parliamentary majority for constitutional changes


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today said that Nikola Gruevski’s escape is not related to the vote in Parliament for the start of the changes to the Constitution stemming from the Prespa Agreement, however, nevertheless, he added that he is concerned about the parliamentary majority.

“For me the first priority is the political process in Parliament, and that’s because we providing a future in NATO and the EU. Not that everything else does not matter, but it is conditioned by the success of this. I believe in the parliamentary capacity of MPs. I hope that the numbers will grow, but I want to share my fear and concern for the numbers, because we can not stop justice in the country, the procedures of the judicial systems, how they act, they reflect on the cases. MPs have a historic decision that will be confirmed in this process, until the adoption of constitutional amendments,” said Zaev replying to a journalist’s deduction that the media wrote about the possibility that Gruevski fleeing the country is connected with the beginning of the constitutional changes in Parliament.

However, he added that Nikola Gruevski’s escape is not related to the vote in Parliament and the most important political process that is currently taking place.

“Why is there no connection? Because Gruevski was meant to vote in person and would not put his fellow MPs in the dock. Secondly, because it would have been too late, I do not know if a parliamentary majority in such circumstances could be held. And because he probably betrayed his former friends and associates. He did it in the most inhuman way and the consequences can still be felt,” said Zaev.

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