The terrorists became alleged for the foreigners!


Twenty-four hours after the action of the police in Kumanovo Divo naselje, the ambassadors of United States, the European Union and the Western media, began to speak and write in quotes or use the term “alleged terrorists” regarding the group MOI qualified as terrorist.

US Ambassador to the country Jess Bailey, who, along with the ambassadors of the European Union, Britain, Germany, France and Italy, was at meeting with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski yesterday, put terrorists in quotes in the joint statement.

The renowned US newspaper “New York Times” wrote that “Gruevski’s government on Saturday, early morning, ordered a police action against ethnic Albanian “terrorists” in the ethnically mixed northern city of Kumanovo, in which eight police officers and 14 alleged “terrorists” were killed.

In the text dedicated to the atmosphere (political and on the field), British “Guardian” referred to the group that was the target of the police as “terrorists”, but with quotes.

“Details of the attack remain unclear (foggy), but the conservative government of Nikola Gruevski faced emergency calls from NATO and the European Union for “transparent investigation” of what happened”, writes “Guardian”, in the text entitled “Violence between Macedonian police and “terrorists,” put Prime Minister under scrutiny.”

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