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The terrorists became alleged for the foreigners!

Twenty-four hours after the action of the police in Kumanovo Divo naselje, the ambassadors of United States, the European Union and the Western media, began to speak and write in quotes or use the term "alleged terrorists" regarding the group MOI qualified as terrorist. US Ambassador to the country Jess Bailey, who, along with the ambassadors of the European Union,...

“Guardian”: Kezharovski’s verdict is absurd, shameful and unbecoming

  The verdict of the Court of Appeal for two years in prison for journalist Tomislav Kezharovski, which was enforced yesterday evening, when Kezharovski was expressly transferred from house arrest to prison “Skopje”, also interested the media in Europe, while London’s “Guardian” reported a full article on the case. Respected British newspaper writes about the reactions of the organizations for media...