Yilli Morina, 13 year-old mathematical genius from Skopje, is tutoring university students


Yilli Morina isn’t a boy who is spending his time outside playing football with his friends. He is only 13 years of age, lives in the Skopje suburb of Shuto Orizari and he spends almost every moment solving math and physics exercises and problems. Unlike his peers, due to his knowledge, he is attending classes in the 8th grade of the primary education instead of 7th grade. He shares freely his knowledge on his Youtube channel and this is how many university students of architecture, physics, economy and other sciences related to the mathematics have heard of this prodigy kid. University students not only from North Macedonia, but also from abroad, seek his help. Yilli Morina tutors some of them, like the economy student Bunjamin Bahtijari, at his home.

“I study here with Yilli. It’s a little odd, because Yilli is a kid, but he knows a lot of math and knows how to explain the exercises very well. He explains the exercises and the problems that my professor can’t explain to me well, better than her,” said Bunjamin for Meta.mk

He believes that his young professor has a bright future.

“He is very talented. Probably one day he will become like Ilon Musk, since he is equally talented “, said Bahtijari .

Due to the lack of adequate classes and textbooks that will suit his needs and talent, Yilli has broadened his knowledge on the Internet, listening to professors from abroad. His mother Imrane, wishing to assist him better, opted for a career change and even has given up her medicine studies. She says that Yilli could read and write from a very early age. When he was just 4, he fell in love with mathematics and since then he hasn’t stopped solving mathematical problems. He then began sharing his knowledge publicly and has started recording educational videos by himself.

“When I was 9, I started a channel for math exercises and problems. In the beginning, I posted videos about solving some easier problems and exercises. But when I was solving the problems, I wasn’t always sure, so I consulted a professor from Kosovo, professor Skender Kastrati. Then, while I was still consulting him, I began to upload the math problems that I solved on Youtube. But I was also watching other professors from India, Pakistan, America, Kosovo, where ever from I could. The problems they were giving I solved and posted them on Youtube. This is how I learned. Then I began working with professor Musa Zuka and I also started attending contests,” Yilli explains.

So far, he won several 1st places at municipal, state, and regional contests. But he is also proud of the successes of the university students he is tutoring.

“The students contact me whenever they need me, which is two or three times a week. And they are successful. For example, two students that I was preparing for math exams, managed to pass them. One of them is from Kosovo, and the other from Africa, whom I was helping with Limits,” says Yilli and noting that he has written two books with problems that are still not published.

Yilli Morina hopes he will be able to continue his education at a math gymnasium instead of groping in the dark for another year studying the materials from primary education that he already knows.

His homeroom teacher, Meral Riza has only praise for Yilli, but says that, unfortunately, the educational programs in North Macedonia aren’t adjusted to the talented children and that often poses a problem both for those children and the parents.

Yilli’s mother shares such experience. She says that as a parent she often is faced with a problem due to the lack of adapted programs for talented children.

“We cannot correctly direct the talents in this system, because the pupils are trying to be perfect only in regard of their marks, but not enough to develop their true talents,” Yilli’s mother said.

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