Yesterday the Ministry of Interior (MOI) issued certificates recognizing the right to asylum to a total of 887 migrants, unlike the previous day, when no certificates were issued due to the closure of the border.
According to citizenship, the majority of the migrants are from Afghanistan, more specifically 397, from Syria 358 and from Iraq 132 migrants.
From the beginning of this year until yesterday, according to the Interior Ministry, 36 804 migrants have passed through the country, who were released with a document for a 72-hour legal stay in the country.
The Interior Ministry yesterday announced that the country will only let migrants through who have documents from the Greek authorities and have listed their final destinations or countries in the European Union where they want to go and apply for asylum.
In recent days, controversy arose surrounding the reasons for the closure of the southern border for migrants in elevation 59. The Ministry of Interior said that on Wednesday the border was closed due to a malfunction on the railway system in Slovenia.