The SEC announced the cleansing of the voters’ list, but gave no deadline


The State Election Commission (SEC) at yesterday’s session, adopted the decision to cross-check data to cleanse the voters’ list, and will use the databases of 13 institutions for the comparisons. Among them are the Health Insurance Fund, Pension Fund (PIOM), Public Revenue Office (PRO), the National Bank, Agency for Real Estate, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and others.
However, according to members of the institution, there is still a lot of work to be able to say that there would be fair elections with a renewed and updated electoral roll.
As they have stated, the SEC still have no guidelines or rules for updating, which practically makes it impossible to begin any process, let alone setting deadlines for the cross-checking of databases of voters and to conduct site inspections. Also, to update the data software is required, which currently the SEC does not have.
Yet to procure the software that is needed to “feed” the data, so you can compare it with data from the institutions, this could perhaps take more than a month, and even after this process, one would have to actually cleanse the voters’ list for it to be operational.
With the new electoral rules, the SEC becomes the only institution authorized to work with the voters’ list, which now needs to be updated once a month.

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