Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi in reply to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s letter, says that parliamentary questions are in the Legislature’s Rules and Regulations and assures that they will start to be realized after local elections.

“Parliament in the Rules and Regulations has regulated the issue of parliamentary questions, and the idea, that is, the readiness of the Government for full transparency and insight is to allow the parliamentary questions to start at the beginning of newly scheduled sessions, for a duration of one hour, I assure you, they will be realized after local elections. I am convinced that representatives of the Government will actively participate in finding solutions to parliamentary questions”, said Xhaferi’s letter to Zaev.

Xhaferi in the letter, also announces amendments to the Rules and Regulations, which will allow the participation of scientific, professional and representatives of civil society in parliamentary committees, and help the quality of laws and acts adopted by Parliament and their application in daily life.