The longest constitutive session was allowed by VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs


For the first time in the parliamentary history of Republic of Macedonia, the constitutive session of the Parliament lasted 22 working days within a period of 5 months, contrary to the usual 1-2 days. The reason for this are the abuses of all types of addresses by the MPs: discussions, replies, counter-replies and procedural interventions. All VMRO-DPMNE MPs (51) have applied for discussion, out of which 16 have used the right to discuss by 27 April. Only one of the speakers stuck to the item on the agenda – election of the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues.

This is what states the latest report about the monitoring of the work of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia that was carried out by the ” Macedonian constituency engaged in ensuring accountability and transparency of Parliament” project that was issued today by the Citizens Association MOST.

The report states that the Rules of Procedure (RP) was violated in 1.566 out of a total of 1.812 speeches (86%), and the highest number of violations were conducted by the MPs from the VMRO-DPMNE coalition, 1.352 violations (86% of the total number of violations), followed by the SDSM coalition with 145 violations (9% of the total number of violations).

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