Intensive negotiations are currently underway, between the parties, which apparently so far, have been circumstantial and unproductive. The talks are being coordinated by the international community through the ambassadors in the country, so that by the day after tomorrow, the deadline for submitting lists for candidates for Members of Parliament is met, and to find a solution and way out of the political crisis.

All options in play are not acceptable to the governing party.

“We have nothing to calculate. The law is clear, Parliament was dissolved so there must be elections”, said Ivo Kotevski officially for “Meta”, who is the Director of Communications for the VMRO-DPMNE.

Unlike Mr. Kotevski, other sources from within the ruling party say that they are open to other options as well.

“Maybe we will not participate in the elections either, we will give up and a third party will participate, win 10,000 votes and the elections will fall apart. Or, if the foreigners insist on an adverse decision, maybe we should leave Government and the SDSM can make up a minority government with whoever they want”, said an unofficial source from the ruling party.

And Belgian expert and former mediator in the negotiations between the parties, Peter Vanhoutte, today on his Twitter account “discovered” that secret negotiations were being conducted.

“Politics and the art of secret negotiations. “Silence! We are talking, but do not tell the citizens, the less they know, the better. My terms are simple: You promise to yu worship me and fulfill all my demands. Now sign here”, wrote Vanhoutte on” Twitter “.