In a sign of the fight against fascism, today’s protest of the civil movement “I protest”. Several thousand of protesters gathered in front of the SPO and headed towards Woman-Warrior Park, where in the name of the Colourful Revolution they lay flowers on the monument of the fallen soldiers.

91-year-old Dimche Najchevski addressed the people, who is a war veteran.

“Dear all participants of the protests of the “Colouful Revolution”, our present struggle is not very different than our struggle all those years ago. So far, all the protests against this abnormal and inhumane regime are a sign of our struggle. The term “Colourful Revolution” is a loud calling of the wishes for social justice, peace and the fight against tyranny”, said Najchevski, a war veteran who fought in World War II at the tender age of 17.

He ended his speech with the now well-known motto, “No justice, Ne peace!”

The “Teacher’s Plenum” and representatives from “Solidarity” movement also spoke to the people.

“We are victims of this fascist regime. In the past, if we fought against fascism which was installed from the outside, now we fight fascism which has been installed from within. We are fighting against the same evil our mothers and grandmothers did in 1945. We cannot allow this happen again: said Sonja Stojadinovska from the “Solidarity” movement.