“While Ms. Dimova and her colleagues from SDSM were absent from work, MP’s from VMRO-DPMNE had more than 20,000 direct meetings with citizens,” responds VMRO-DPMNE to Ms. Dimova’s statement she gave at a press conference.

“Parliament were functioning to its constitutional capacity and without SDSM and will continue to operate with the same capacity even though SDSM have decided to return. The only difference is that now, at least we hope MPs from SDSM will begin to actually earn their salaries. In the past 15 months we have brought many legal decisions that were in the direct interest of the citizens”, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The ruling party stated that Parliament had organized dozens of public hearings. The last one, which was organized last week, more than 40 non-governmental organizations and civil associations were present.

“Obviously for Lidija Dimova NGOs are only those dozen ‘Soros’ installs, who earn a million a year to keep the SDSM party agenda. After all, Ms Dimova herself was part of these installations and charged large fees, and then overnight she wants to recruit them into different organs of her party “, the statement said.