Vanhoutte about the elections: the party is giving you crumbs and is running away with the whole cake


The election of honest politicians that were not involved in corruption is the first step in the building of your democracy, said the Belgian expert and former mediator in the working units for implementation of the Przino agreement, Peter Vanhoutte. Vanhoutte says that the elections are not the final destination, but the start towards the necessary changes. He warned that these elections should not be a referendum for, what he described as, certain politicians or political parties to continue with the undermining of the democracy.

– During my stay, I met members of your government, politicians and party representatives who blindly support serious crimes and as politicians are involved in corruption, steal your money and put it into their personal bank accounts abroad, have connections with organized crime, and don’t want to accept any responsibility for their deeds. This is the reason why they successfully control the judiciary to escape from prosecution and prison. I have seen journalists and editors in chief who were fired or forced to quit their job because they were critical towards the government.

The Belgian expert says that he was a witness how the party is controlling the citizens and is forcing them to provide their support

– The same party now promises many projects and shouts that employment will go up, that you all will live in a paradise. This is far from the truth. This party and their allies have no policies to deal with the increasing number of challenges your country is facing. Instead, they throw you some crumbs to keep you happy and run away with most of the cake. – said decidedly Vanhoutte.

Vanhaute called upon the citizens to come out on Sunday and not to be afraid that they will lose their jobs if the government changes. He sent a message to the citizens to think of their future and the future of their children

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