“Civil”: 104 citizens can not find themselves on the Electoral Roll


Today, NGO “Civil” submitted a list of 104 individuals to the SEC, who were deleted from the Electoral Roll and sent a request so the SEC can rectify these people’s right to vote. The organization went on to say that the so-called phantom voters had not been completely deleted from the voters’ list, but they had just migrated from one address to another.

“Even after all field checks and software cross-checks, we have a huge number of people who simply disappeared from the Electoral Roll. These phantoms were not deleted, they only migrated from one address to another. From December 5th – 8th, “Civil” received more than 600 calls from disgruntled citizens who could not find themselves on the Electoral Roll. We documented 104 citizens and we will submit the documents to the SEC and we will seek that the SEC rectify their right to vote. According to our analysis, we expect a large number of problems and a lot of people will not be able to find themselves on the Electoral Roll, in places where they have lived and voted for years”, says the President of “Civil”, Xhabir Deralla.

Maja Ivanovska from “Civil” is one of the 104 citizens who was deleted from the Electoral Roll, however, the SEC responded and said that nothing could be done as the list was now closed.

“Civil” requires all actors in the electoral process to ensure fair elections in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere without violence. They pointed out that it is strictly forbidden to blackmail and intimidate voters and citizens, and they also request from members of the public to be responsible and conscientious, and report any attempt of electoral irregularities.

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