The administration at the University Rectory from the University of Cyril and Methodius (UKIM) has called for an emergency meeting on Monday, which will start at 8:00am, the University has revealed.

In an open statement by the Rector Velimir Stojkovski who is soon to step down, expressed concern about the events surrounding the election of the new student leader.

“I am deeply concerned by the information published in the media about the developments in the student elections, which were undignified, as well as use of police force with armored vehicles in a place of academic student elections. Therefore, I appeal to all students, members of SPUKM, members of the “Student plenum”, members of student initiatives and other forms of student organizations to restrain from any action that would further complicate the situation, or which could cause serious consequences in many aspects”, Stojkovski says in an open statement he sent to the public.