Students from the “Student Plenum” will gather in front of the University Rectory at the Univeristy of Cyril and Methodius (UKIM) at 8:00 am, while an emergency session will be taking place after events which unfolded while electing a new student leader.

They have called on their colleagues to come to the session and to share their thoughts and opinion on the choice of the new President of Student Parliament ay UKIM (SPUKM), Davor Poposki.

Students at the protest that began on Friday in front of the Student Parliament continued in front UKIM, and once again sent out the message that they seek an annulment of the presidential elections for SPUKM.

They question the regularity of the elections because the at the elections there was no electoral roll, no sealed stamps for the of ballot papers,nor screens for secret voting, and the ballot boxes were covered with white sheets of paper.