The Government believes the cuts to the IPA funds are not sanctions from the EU


After the European Commission officially confirmed that they will cut 27.1 million euros from IPA funds for Macedonia, the Macedonian government says it is not a question of sanctions, but a reduction in program funding.

“There are two aspects, internal and external. The interior is connected with the fact that for more than a year now elections were expected. During that period, political institutions were disabled by blocking mechanisms from  several key ministries, including the Ministry of Finance”, said a statement from the government.

They added that the largest opposition party has made it their main focus to block institutions and cause greater damage to the state.

“External factors are connected with the experience of the European Commission with the previous enlargement processes, because of the new tools provided more restrictions limit the scope and areas of the inflow of European funds”, explained the government.

The ruling party VMRO-DPMNE said that “the political crisis which Zoran Zaev pushed Macedonia into contributes to decisions that are damaging to the citizens.”

“That is the goal of those who want the problems in Macedonia yet they run from democratic confrontations with the people in the form of elections”, said in a statement by the VMRO-DPMNE.

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